Balanced Literacy...part Three {Writing}

I've been chatting about balanced literacy on my case you missed it I talked about reading in the classroom  {here} and the at home connection {here.} Today I am going to continue the Balanced Literacy chat with a focus on writing.

First up,

Shared Writing {Teacher and students write text together}
*Provides modeling of writing styles
*Provides modeling for concepts of print {spacing, punctuation, capitalization, etc}
*Helps make connection between letters and sounds/ builds spelling knowledge
*Opportunity to plan texts

Shared writing can look different at different grades. I think traditionally it is looked at as a way to build letter sound knowledge and concepts of print....but what else you ask? I think this is a good time for a teacher to model his/her inner dialogue. You can show the kiddos out loud what you are thinking as you write. This is a crucial part of shared writing in my book.

In my opinion, shared writing needs to be done at a brisk pace so you keep your cuties engaged! And if you look at this as a mini lesson, don't try to cram too many things in there- what is your focus? Word choice? Sentence expansion? Letter/sound development?

After we write something I usually put up on a bulletin board or sentence chart. They use it in their journal writing (some do so by 100% copying it which, if I'm honest, used to bother me, but if that is where they are, then that is okay!) to read the room and to just make our room a more print rich environment.

Independent Writing {Students write independently}
*Develops independence
*Strengthens spelling knowledge
*Develops writing strategies

Bottom line, practice makes perfect and they just need ample opportunities to write!

In my classroom this includes:
-class books
-writer's workshop
-word work
and MORE

What can they write?

I have put together a writing center start up kit called "Get it Write." You can check that out at my TpT store {HERE.}

Have a great weekend! I'll be back to talk about Word Work soon.

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