Favorite Pins Friday

Last night I got home from The I Teach K Conference in Vegas. Oh my... it was fun... I hope to share that with you all soon. Today I am linking up for the first time for Cara Carroll's Favorite Pins Friday.

I love this ribbon word wall idea from Asheigh's Education Journey... the best part is that this adorable word wall is up and ready to go in her room already. I love all the color and I love the idea of clipping the words on with clothespins! Easy....and cute.

I also love these letter tubs from Momma's Fun World. A. adorable and B. Very organized. Now she bought the tubs, but I am thinking there is some salsa I buy that comes in this exact same tub. I mean, how long will it take me to eat 26 tubs of salsa? Right? If you go to Momma's website she gives the link to get these labels, too. I have something similar to this already in gross paper bags that are all crumpled up... this is so much better.

I love this one from Nerdy, Nerdy, Nerdy  because it will save the Earth from so many pieces of paper that I use just to cross off student names. Hello...why haven't I seen this pin sooner? All you need is a class list, a frame {just saw some perfect for this at Ikea} and a Vis-a-Vis marker.

Now people... this next one is so not on the diet it isn't even funny... but I want one of these raspberry cheesecake popsicles now!! Not sure I'll be able to make these... as in I really think it may be too difficult for my ability in the kitchen... but we will see.

And another "not for the classroom pin".... if you read my last post or if you know me you know this sums it up. Right now my fingers are crossed to get a good trip in before summer ends...
 {This quote I love is anonymous and this image was uploaded to Pinterest by Kakai B...this is as close as I can get to an original link for this one}

That's it my friends...short and sweet today.

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  1. Inspired...yes!
    Thanks for another great post.
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. Awesome pins! I think Jack's salsa containers look just like those...is that what you were thinking of? Plus, it's awesome salsa. Ha! It probably wouldn't take me long to get 26! :)

    What Happens in First Grade