Classroom Numbers and a Quick Organizational Tip

So this is the project I have been busy with lately:

It was inspired by this Pinterest find:
Thank you to Nerdy, Nerdy, Nerdy who is the source of this pin... although they say they found it on Pinterest too!

Ok so it is genius, right? On a future post I will be explaining how I made my "Class List in a Frame"... not that it is that tricky.... but stay tuned :)

But this thing will help save our 'lil old Earth of ours. My plan is to have three of these babies (currently only one has been made!)

This is what I have been using forever:
OK so I don't usually aggressively cross out each name when using these check offs... just keeping their names on the down low... but please don't think I have anger management issues. Now I have a big, fat stack of these puppies. I type it up in September {cross my fingers my class list doesn't change too much throughout the year} and run off about 100....or more. It is a regular 8 1/2 11 (or A4) paper cut in half.

What do I use them for?.....ahh everything! When doing a craft or handprint art I cross off each child as they come to the center. When doing an assessment I may write the score for each child next to their name to make the inputting on the computer go faster later AND I know who is done being assessed. I tape one of these puppies inside the cupboard near my clip chart and tally every time a child ends their day at the very top of the chart {those sweet friends who end up on the very bottom are recorded in more detail in another place.} For homework, for permission slips, for who has had a turn on the computer... and I could go on and on!

The ONLY thing I didn't like about this plan....was the amount of paper used... but that was why I tried to use each sheet twice as shown in the picture above in black and green (or even three times.) That is also why I want different colored pens for my framed version... what if you aren't ready to erase one check off before starting another? It makes me smile to think of the paper I will be saving.... but I will probably still keep a small stack of paper check offs on hand.

Notice each child has a number by their name! I think most people already use student numbers... but just in case... here's my thoughts on it all.

I assign the students a number in September and use it all year.  The idea is from Rick Morris and he has so many practical ideas to make your organization and management run better. I have seen him present multiple times and every time I leave with a new great idea.

Back to the numbers... I don't want you to think I am like the DMV or the post office and solely use numbers all day like the kids are robots or machines... that is no fun and no way to run a kinder {or any} classroom. That being said, the numbers help with EVERYTHING.

When I taught older grades I even had numbers for the behavior clip chart:
1. I can use the same clips every year
2. It can make the chart more discreet which I think can be more appropriate in some grades. Have you ever had a parent tell you that their child has come home and reported who moved their clip where? Well, this cuts down on this.

In kinder we are working on recognizing our names and statistically I think we have a better chance of them finding their name rather than a numeral they may never have seen before.

I also think that Rick Morris may have suggested the check off list be solely numbers... but I have parents and other people that use the check off lists and they won't know who has which number. Plus these little check offs help ME to learn all the numbers, too. {Quick Sidenote: The more you commit to the number thing the faster you'll learn the numbers... if you do it only half way you will never learn them and hate this whole plan.}

This little jar is a gem.... I use this puppy to call on students or play games. It is right up front and I use it daily:
{Just bought this can at the Target Dollar Spot}

Numbers facing up is for when I want a bit more "control" over my random choice and numbers facing down...well, you get the idea.

That's it for today... I will give you the low down on how I made the "Class List in a Frame" soon!


  1. I always assign "magic numbers". It makes life so much easier. I LOVE this idea! So clever. You should add a place for a "title" of what you are checking off for. If you are like me, you may start doing something else, come back, and wonder...what was this for again!

    For the Love of First Grade

  2. I love this idea and will give it a good try. I can see where it helps with lining up and many other issues. This was a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hello! I'm an Editor for Teacher Created Resources. We love you're idea for the picture frame reusable class list. I'm writing a blog on our website to get teacher in gear for the new school year. Can we please use this idea and share a link to your blog? If interested, please email me at Thanks!