How Many Buttons Does That Cat Have?

My class has been working on numbers this week....actually numbers 1-10 to be specific. We are learning to count in order to tell the number of objects in a group {K.CC.B.4} and I want them to be able to tell me {or write down for me} exactly how many there are of various things {K.CC.B.5}...and today those things are buttons!

So I just created a little math center to make our number practice a lil more fun!

We have been reading some books about various cats and things like that - so why not have a cat themed math center?

There are 10 of the cards that you see below and the little ones need to count the number of buttons on each card. Can we talk about the cuteness of Melonheadz clip art?

Oh and while we are on cuteness... do you see the washi tape on that clothespin? The washi tape obsession continues...

I did have most of my kids record their numbers.... but I was torn on whether to include this part since it is so early in the year, but they impressed me!
I will say that I had meant to run off the recording sheet without lines since we haven't dealt with those puppies too much yet... but again, they impressed me!

I also have numeral and number word cards {and full sheet sizes of the cute cat and his buttons}
I have a ton of buttons in my classroom... but if you don't many other things can be a button: pom poms, cotton balls, basic math counters and even pennies!

Later I look over and see this creation by some of my early finishers... how sweet are they?! I even added this picture to the unit itself as an extension idea.

I just uploaded this cat math center game to Teachers Pay Teachers!

There are actually a few versions of the print outs you get when you buy this game- the main thing is that you can rock full color or go black and white if color ink is the issue:

You can check out this Kitty Cat Button Counting Game by clicking on it!

That's all for now... September in kindergarten is exhausting so I am off to bed!

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