The Tenth Day of School {Freebie!}

Today was our 10th day in school! I know, I know some of you are at 20 days by now. We're a little behind.

It was our first visit from Zero the Hero... he loves to stop by any day that has a zero in it...we don't get to see him because he has to rush to so many other schools to drop off presents!  However, we do finally get to meet this guy on the 100th day. You can {click here} to see a picture of Zero and me from the past school year.

But let's rewind, no talk of 100 -  we are only at 10! So back to Zero and his presents... every ten days he will leave us a sign which I forgot to take a picture of. It says , "Hooray Hooray You've been in school for 10 days!" There's some glitter involved and he pins this up on our Days of School countdown. Then he will leave us something shaped as a zero. Some examples are: peach ring candies, Cheerios, life savers, or even small donuts.

To celebrate 10 days we also make a necklace {we make a similar necklace on the 100th day but not the 20-90th days} I usually like to use pony beads for the 10th day necklace since they are a little bigger and easier to manage than these guys. And I think this is such good muscle development for their little hands - I love this activity.

You can download this necklace for free... just click on it below:
Check out our giant ten using 10 pieces of some zero-shaped cereal... which was also part of Zero the Hero's delivery to us:

Last up....the kiddos did this number train activity. Oh boy, this one requires a lot of organization for just ten short days of school... but they love it!
They had to trace their numbers 1-10, then cut them out and order them on the train cars. I even had them color the train cars in an AB pattern.

Lastly, we got our hand stamped with a picture of our new favorite guy...Zero the Hero! We look forward to his visit on the 20th day!

Do you do anything special for the 10th day in school?

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