Bunny Bonnets

These little suckers are one of my favorite little accessories to dress my kiddos in! Most of them love it and are hopping all over the classroom... naturally, because they are bunnies.
And there are a few {more and more each year it seems} who aren't as excited to wear this adorable-ness... or at least don't want to be first to put it on! And I always think...stop it! You look perfect and cute and I would love to wear a bunny bonnet, but people would think I am crazy...so enjoy it while you can!

And seriously how cute are they on their egg hunt?
The bunny bonnet materials include: white construction paper 18x12 and pink tissue paper {plus white glue and a pencil}

Students cut this out first {tracer at the end of this post for you!}
Then they need to add the pink tissue paper in the ears. {You can do marker, crayon or paint instead} But I love the fine motor involved with this tissue paper action. The tissue paper is cut to approximately one by one inch squares.

They wrap a tissue paper square around the eraser end of the pencil, put a dot a glue on the white paper and stick it down....sometimes counting to 5 before pulling the pencil back up will help. If you need a little more visual for this click HERE to check out a Thanksgiving craft using the same "tissue paper skill."

Tip: Have them alternate doing a piece of tissue on the left ear, then on the right ear, etc. That way if time is up they don't have one barren, white ear!

I'll be honest, they are a bit of a pain to assemble- just because of the hole punching and the yarn, but it isn't that bad.

Once they dry, you add yarn.... hole punch the bottom corners {for example: about where the letter "N" in "Crayons" is in the picture above.} Tie a short piece of white yarn on each side... that is the hassle part.

Then super quick you just fold in the center and the two sides....and voila! you have a bunny bonnet!

Notice in the picture above how the middle bunny's ears are tilted in...well, that has to do with how the paper was traced {or how accurate his cutting was} So test one out before you trace a full class set.... see the tracer I am sending you is half or one ear of the bunny.... and you will "double it up." But since this PDF file is 8.5x11 vs. 9x12 {which is half of a construction piece}...well, it just means be careful. Did that even make sense?

Here it is - just click on the image {or HERE} to download it:

And here is just one last shot of us working as bunnies...yes, they had them on for a full hour today...because I can't handle the cuteness!!

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  1. These are precious!!!! I wish I had younger students to use these with! I'm pinning in hopes of getting my kindergarten dream classroom one day :)
    Short and Sassy Teacher