Peter Rabbit with a Freebie!

The story of Peter Rabbit eating all those "lettuces" just holds a special place in my heart! It is an April must-read in my room. Last year I found the story of Peter Rabbit in the Dollar Spot of Target and bought each little one in my class a copy... this year I wasn't as lucky.

Here's a taste of what we did:

We started with a shared writing lesson in the form of a letter to Peter. The little ones helped me with some of their sight words and they scripted the whole thing and of course, we all signed it.
peter rabbit kindergarten shared writing

{Another idea is to have your little ones write a letter to Mr. McGregor. When I taught a K/1 grade combination class my kinders did the letter to Peter together and my firsties each wrote their own letter to Mr. M... those are very entertaining to read!}

We made this darling craftivity of Peter in his famous blue jacket. The craft if from TLC in her Spring book.
Peter Rabbit craft TLC shared writing
Then we made a beginning - middle - end flip book. I love this because I think it hits so many of those Common Core standards:

Kindergarten: RL.K.2 and 1st grade: RL.1.2 -Retell stories including key details

Kindergarten: RL.K.3 and 1st grade: RL.1.3- Describe characters, settings and major events in a story using key details

I take a whole week to do this little ditty. We verbally talk about what the beginning middle and end of this story is.

Next, introduce the flip books {at the end of this post is a simple FREEBIE if these flip books seem like too much prep}
This is just a full size piece of construction paper {12x18} folded in half horizontally with 2 slits cut to make 3 flaps. I used labels for the "beginning, middle and end" titles {because I am lucky to have had a ton donated this year- sometimes we just write that on instead} I also glued writing paper inside each of the flaps {see below} and yes this is a hassle that takes a while.

I glue the paper in for them this time, but we will probably create this flip book in the future and then they can glue it in themselves!

Then we write the beginning together...this will be the only writing part that is done 100% guided by the teacher- using their idea for what to write, but I sound it out and write it for them to copy into their flip book.

When we get to the middle I ask them to discuss the various things that happened in the middle of the story...always reminding them that the middle is when something goes wrong!

And now time for their very own ending...sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure!  I ask them to refrain from using Beatrix Potter's ending and to make up their own... this is HARD, but fun!
{Mr. McGregor was chasing Peter halfway home, but Mr. McGregor....
was getting a little bit tired. Peter wasn't getting tired} 

And sidenote: I love the problem solving for running out of room! And I am guessing we can rest assured Peter got home okay!

Yes, some of them will say that Peter does get caught and is put in a pie just like his dad....sad, but hey, it was the O.G. author who even opened that can of worms by having Mrs. Rabbit tell her baby bunnies that happened to their dad.

And some of their endings will be almost identical to the real one, but hey, they may be able to manipulate just one little thing and that is awesome for now.

Here is one with all three flaps open for you to read:
This one is similar to the real deal, but hey, he gets a hug from his sibling Cottontail!

And in this ending {and this child had a conference with me...which I only do some of the time, but explains my purple writing} Mr. McGregor trips on a log!!!

I let them meet in groups and share their different endings to each other. I like to hear them give compliments about another person's writing!

And if the flip book seems like too much to tackle, you can download this little freebie which is the same concept.... just easier to prep:
Oh and if you are learning about bunnies... you may want to make a bunny bonnet! Grab the free template HERE!

And I'm linking up with my friend Molly for her Fabulous Freebies on the 15th! Hop on over there to see more freebies and fun!

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  1. Those Peter Rabbits are TOO cute! I love these activities!!

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