Earth Day: Simple and Green!

Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22...just one week away!
It is one of those holidays that I think is so important for our little ones to learn about, but it always seems to fall to the back burner because of...well, I'm not sure why?!?!

This year I will not let that happen.

However, with that being said....we are on Spring Break now and have what seems like eight million things going on that will be back to full speed once we get back to learning next Monday....aka the day before Earth Day... so, we are keeping it simple.

In the style of simple - we are going to read this book:

It's short... and to the point. Summary: Our planet is beautiful...let's take care of it!

And then you see you get a little choice regarding your earth... you see, this is always my issue... I want things cute! BUT sometimes I think, hmmm, maybe we need to get a little more realistic! So I give you a  choice...cute or "real-ish." As for me... I printed one of each.... because I can't commit to either side of the debate!

Then we are going to make our own mini version of this book, too!
Once again, simple and once again...a choice for your cover.

And in case you are curious.... I went "cute" on this one:
We started to watercolor paint the covers before we left for Spring Break so we will be ready to tackle the book itself when we return to school next week. You can click HERE to read my post about making your own watercolor paint.

And then there is this cute little bit of fun.....
I will let the kiddos choose green or blue {or a combo} for the tissue paper to put around the edge of their Earth along with their idea of how to help our Earth.

And you don't have to pull out the tissue paper... you can keep it simple {to follow the theme here}
Or even simpler.... by making it a class book rather than a bulletin display:

The idea is for you to be able to supplement and add a little Earth Day fun to your classroom without committing to a whole unit. And if you have time for a whole unit that is awesome and important...unfortunately, I don't have that choice, but I want a little Earth Day in my life!
My goal is to create more of these small "short and sweet" ultra-mini units that can give you a small dash of fun in whatever category!

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