Five for Friday Time

13 more days people!

Don't even talk to me if you are on summer break right now....Not until June 17....Let's chat then.

This was a crazy, busy, hectic week!!

So here is my Five for Friday hosted by Doodlebugs!

1. Open House was Wednesday!

Thank goodness that is all done. I know the term Open House can mean different things in different areas. For us, Open House is close to the end of the year and is an evening event for current families to come in and see the classroom....with their little one.

I want to post more about Open House later... but for now here are a few pictures....

More on those shenanigans soon.

2. My poor hubby got in a car accident. He is 100% okay and not a scratch on him. But I can't say the same for our car. It all happened DURING my Open House!

No pictures for this sad item on our line up....

moving on...

3. Chicks!!! Our chicks hatched... technically that was last week. But my littles have been enjoying them all week.

We sit in a circle and let them run around...  This could literally last an hour if I let it. The kids are IN TO IT!
We take turns holding them....
And we watch them sleep, eat and just observe.

More on these friends on an upcoming post.

4. I am part of a fun new group called Weekend Warriors. Did you catch it last weekend? It was our debut weekend...with a post on both Saturday and Sunday with Marvelous Math ideas!

There is still a giveaway you can enter HERE or HERE for $10 in my TpT store!! Both of those clicks will take you to some fun math ideas too!

And if you head over to some of the other Weekend Warrior blogs you could also enter to win $10 from them too! But that giveaway ends VERY soon!

We'll be back the last weekend of June with TWO days worth of Pinspirational Ideas for you!

5. I am also proud to be a part of a book study this summer!
Our first post was yesterday {click HERE to read it}... it ALSO has a giveaway!! 

And can I say I am learning quite a bit from this Guided Math book by Laney Sammons

There will be a different giveaway every Thursday... and I am pretty sure one of them includes some Erin Condren action and a lot of other amazing treats.

That is all for me. I am off to read other Five for Fridays because it is one of my favorite linkys!


  1. Christy-
    firstly, love love love your blog design.
    secondly, thanks for the weekend warrior link up. I will be having the same math set for the third year in a row next year and I really need to change things up. Can't wait to read the posts about the guided math as this is something I have been wanting to do for a while.
    Only 13 more days for you ... nearly there!

  2. So sorry that your hubby got in an accident! But glad he is okay. I love how excited the students get about the little chicks hatching! :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. I do love your blog design, too! It is very peaceful. I may try hatching chicks next year. Our local chicken factory provides the eggs and hatching incubator. The chicks are so cute, but boy do they get ugly fast! Your room looked great for Open House. Hang on for a few more days- then you will be on Summer Break, like me!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. Poor Ronen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But, moving on . . . I WANT TO HOLD A CHICK!

  5. So glad the man is okay . . . crud to the E on the car sitch :( Your open house looked amazing. Way to go, Teach!!! Miss you tons!