Mother's Day Vases - Kindergarten Style

Okay.... so I am a day late and a dollar short..... but I have an idea that you may just need to pin for Mother's Day 2015!

In fact, that's my plan too. These darlings vases were the idea of another teacher at my school and when I saw this cuteness going on I had to get involved and learn how to make these so they can be part of my line up for next year!

Mother's Day craft flowers vase kindergarten
When you have 29 kids in your class holidays like this can become expensive, yet.... you still want to do something special... especially for all the mommies out there!

This idea is cheap and special... that's a hard combo to find people!

*Empty water bottles {16.9 oz size}... start collecting early and if you forget...  you can probably get some help by placing a box in the teachers' lounge....or I will look for you digging in the recycle bin!

*Tissue paper squares

*Liquid starch {see this link}


*some real deal flowers

The kids "paint" the squares on the side of the bottle with the starch. The starch acts as glue. When you look close up you can see what is actually going on....
And although I have not yet made these glamorous vases- I am no stranger to using starch as glue. Just click HERE to read my Valentine's project that is full of starchy fun!

And don't worry... you can use your normal paint brushes, the starch will wash right out and they will be ready to use with paint again.

The kids "help" to tie the ribbon on the top and your vase is ready!

And not that I suggest waiting until the last minute... but these things dry FAST... so you could probably make these on the same day they go home...if you like to live on the edge like that.

Then buy one giant bouquet of flowers and disassemble it to put a single flower in each vase. Ta da! All done!!

And let's not forget our dads!

I know... many of you are out of school by then... but dads need recognition too! Need an idea? Check out my Let's Hear it For the Boys little ditty on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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