Five for Friday


I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday.... or in my case Five for Sunday. I started a draft of this on Friday... does that count for being on time? 

This is where I share 5 random things from my week.

1. On Monday...MLK husband and I were driving back from Vegas. We stopped at the outlets at the state line and did some serious damage. The January sales are just too good to pass up!
Nike gear:
My favorite Banana Republic purchase:
Other cute stuff from BR....that really doesn't look that cute in this picture...but it is:
Funny side note: as we were leaving I said to my hubby.... "that was fun, popping tags" because I thought that song on the radio (which I don't know its name or who it is by...just one of those that you hear often) was just about buying lots of clothes...aka what we had been doing. It was then explained to me that the song is about shopping in thrift shops and swapping out the tags for cheaper prices....."Oh," I said. "Did you switch tags out today?" he asks me, fully trying not to laugh out loud. "No... and clearly I'm not as hip with the urban lingo as I thought I was."

2. For the first time I used Adventure to Fitness in class. I learned about this from DeeDee Wills. It is a FREE resource to get your little ones more active. This week we did the "Arctic Freeze" and it was our job to save some citrus fruit. It was 30 minutes of physical fitness... with learning about the Arctic built in! I plan to use this weekly- the kids were IN TO IT! BUT I will say, toward the end they were having trouble keeping up with Mr. Marc. That was a reality check...

3. On the fitness note..... I am one week away from my Color Run (one of my New Year's Fitness Resolutions {Click Here} was to run again) This is just a 5K run that is all about having FUN so I thought it was a good one to start 2013! I bought these new "kicks" (testing out that urban lingo again) this week to help me get ready..... but I won't dare wear them in the run itself and get them all dirty! 

My husband marched me down to the running store for a full gait analysis. They watch you run, have you stand on this machine that tells about your arches and where you apply pressure when standing. Then they tell you what type of running shoe is best for you. My results were boring: neutral running style and medium arches. But apparently that is a good thing. And apparently I put a bit too much pressure on the top of my foot. I tried on about 30 shoes! And these Mizunos were the winners:
and check out the cool little Japanese writing!

4. My little ones finished their clay snowmen! This has been a process since we got back to school in the beginning of the month. I love them! Click {HERE} to see my blog post earlier in the month. This helps with fine motor skills, covers our science standards as well as language arts since we were writing all along in the process. Plus, they are just so cute and kindergarten!

5. Last but not least, I finished my Valentine Unit this week. Yay! I am also just about finished with a February Calendar that I will post soon. It always feels good to complete a unit!

Cheers to a great week! I hope this next one is filled with just as much learning and fitness... and a little less shopping :)


  1. I also work on my urban lingo, such as "fo shizzle" and "missing on you, boo!" But it just always comes lame, white girl style. Sigh... Love love love your snowmen!!
    Kerri B
    Teacher Bits and Bobs

  2. Just found your blog and now a follower. Loved this post. Had me smiling and laughing after a long day with my little kiddos. Those snowman are adorable by the way.