Over Vacation...

I. Did. It! I wasn't sure I would make through the day.... but Day 1 (of teaching) is done in this new year! It was hard to get out of bed so early...really hard.... but it was fun to see all their happy faces.

We journaled today about what we were all doing over the break. Everyone was up to some kind of fun shenanigans:

"Over vacation I learned to ride my two wheel bike."

"Over vacation I rode my motorcycle."

"Over vacation I played Castle Crasher with my uncle."
I just love that he spelled uncle "uncool" ..... how would his uncle feel about that?

Writing.... I make sure we do some form of writing every single day. However this year with 29 kids in my class I am finding it hard to be able to conference with every child. For example, today we all shared in circle time what we did over the last two weeks. 

Next, we agreed on the sentence starter "Over vacation" and sounded it out together. Then it was whole group writing with "best guess spelling." 

Today was a bit unique since it was our first day back and every child had a lot to share. Other days I try to do more of a mini lesson, but at the end of the day I am still trying to fine tune the best technique to teaching writing to 29 kindergarten friends!

If you are wondering what are the random triangles and other symbols on their writing... that is part of how we learn our sight words.... I will be blogging more about that soon.

Good night... better get some sleep since I gotta get up and do it all again tomorrow. The first week back is always a shock to the system.

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  1. Hi Christy!
    I am your newest follower! OMG so I wanted to comment on your pdf post but couldnt find the comment button.
    Anyways , I'll comment here. So, thank you for tha tutorial on how to secure the images. I always assume that my images were assumed because I converted the file into a pdf. Boy, was I wrong. Now, I feel bad that Im not using those terms they tell us to use. My plan is now to go back and secure the image! Its going to take forever, but its better to be safe than sorry, I guess. Well, I can't wait to keep reading more from you ;)