Valentine's Day is on its Way!

January is flying by! I feel like we just got back and yet somehow February is only 8 days away!

I love Valentine's Day- not so much in my personal life... don't get me wrong, my sweet husband takes good care of me. But what I really love is all the shenanigans at school to pass out Valentines. I can remember the excitement of it all when I was little and now I just love watching them! I set up a post office in my classroom and beginning February 6 we will be "mailing" our valentines to each other. I will blog about my "post office" soon!

I have been working on my Valentine unit for quite some time now.... I think you'll love the Valentine Lion craft. The perfect card for your little ones to give to their parents!

For language arts there is a rhyming words book, Valentine word bank, sight word game, print concepts and more! There is patterning, measuring, addition, numbers 1-30 including more than and less than in the area of math.

If you want to check it our please just click on one of the images below:

I am going to be posting more about Valentine's Day soon.

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