Am I Alive After This Week?

Pinch me... am I alive? Did  I survive this week? Yes, it's a random title for a post....but that is what I am feelin' people! Thank you Friday... Oh. My. Word... and here's the best part I haven't actually started school yet and I am feeling like this... uh-oh, what kind of a hot mess will I be next week?

So with all that being said... I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to give you my week in a nutshell...Five for five style:

1. I downloaded the BEST APP EVER {well, the best app for a teacher} and that would be Common Core Powered by Mastery Connect.... um, just search "Common Core" in the app store and it will be #1....

This app has all the Common Core Standards at your fingertips! I love this! P.S. It's free.

2. Anyway, I flew home from Europe last weekend and was thrown back in to reality very quickly. I knew it was cutting it close... but now I am feeling it. Look. At. This. This is what greeted me on Monday. Oh my! I've made progress... but have a ways to go still!
Whoa there... that picture causes me stress... let's look at this instead:
That is me two weeks ago in England for my husband's cousin's wedding... I'm pretending to be in Downton Abbey...which is fun...  Now, snap out of it and back in to reality {see the first picture of that classroom.}

3. I decided to create some chevron "Incredible Numbers" and just got them on Teachers Pay Teachers right {HERE} I posted about "Icredible Equations" HERE But let's be honest, when you see the above picture aren't you wondering about my choices? I mean let's prioritize. Well, when I just can't handle being in that room anymore...aka about 7:00pm...I come home and then WANT to create and play on the computer. Is that normal?

4. I made my playdough kit! Due to all the things listed above I wanted the quicker version this year and went old school with a paint pen to label. And now that it's done I like it! I remember back when I started teaching {in 1999} and everything had a little paint pen action. I blogged it about that {HERE} and you can get the recipe as a FREEBIE!

5. I mailed out my welcome letters to my 31 new little fact, I think it will be hitting their mailboxes today! Eek! Then I will meet them on Tuesday for Kinder Meet and Greet and next Wednesday will be the first day.... even at year 15 I get a little nervous for that first day!! I better run... I have a lot of work to still do!

Oh and before I forget... my GIVEAWAY of a $25 gift card ends tomorrow... so click {HERE} to go enter!!

Thank you for Kacey over at Doodlebugs for hosting such a fun linky! And Thank you Friday for finally arriving!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. 31 kiddos?! Wow... that's insane! Thanks for sharing your 5! I enjoyed reading it! :)

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store

  2. 31 students! I can't you have an assistant?

    Carolina Teacher