Throwback Thursday: Teaching Abroad {Edition Three}

Today it is time for another installment of my Teaching Abroad Throwback Thursday. It all started with  this post.  So for the month of August I am throwin' it back for you each Thursday....

This is an embarrassing one a  funny one from October 2004.... hope you enjoy {at my expense!}

Hi All-

Let's start with a little day in my life….
Tonight I spent about 2 hours trying to hook up broadband- I may live in a small town, drink tea and hang my clothes to dry, but I have no time for dial up.  OK, maybe I do have time for dial up, but please start working broadband!  I also started a fire tonight- small, but still a fire. The stove gas flame was no longer blue, but was clearly orange/red- also the fire alarm went off (that wasn't a first).  What was I making, you ask? It would be a quesadilla- which is a difficult thing for me. I am about as domesticated as a tiger (maybe one who comes by for tea) in the kitchen. So the idea of both combining ingredients and using the stove was just too much. I was thrilled to even have the materials needed for a quesadilla and had to go to a specialty store for flour tortillas. Sidenote: We may not want to mention the fire to Rachel (as in Rachel, the girl whose house I occupy)

So let me expand on the odd tiger in the kitchen reference above:  This past week in class I shared a book with my students named "The Tiger that Came for Tea" and this Tiger just eats and drinks everything in sight…then I read aloud "and the Tiger drank all of Daddy's beer."  I have to say that I don't believe this would be in
the U.S. version, although I don't think we would have any version about a tiger drinking tea, beer or anything.  Daddy did get a little "cross" with the tiger too... very in depth character development going on here. Just as an FYI, this wasn't a book I selected, it is one of the read alouds I am asked to use.

Anyway, the quesadilla fire was all preceded by my teaching day- I am covering money in class right now. Thank God their coins don't have names and are just called a 10p, 20p etc…. but here is me: "This is a one pound coin" and one little girl says "Gosh that looks a lot like a £2" Oops!

Also today, my friend S#1 and I had a chat about a few issues happening between him and others. He looks at me, shakes his head and says, "When are you ever going to learn." Good question.

TV still poses a problem for me. I am now just watching anything produced in America.  Sadly this means that sometimes I have to resort to watching Stargate- I'm not proud of this.  I am not sure why, but I am not loving British television. Luckily, I am too busy to get consumed by the "tele."

Last piece of fun for today, As I walked home from work on Tuesday in full coat and scarf (remember I am Cali through and through so maybe I'm a bit overly sensitive to the weather) I hear the ice cream truck driving down the street. Then as he gets near me he slows down in case I am interested. Is he serious? I wanted to explain to him that he needs to sell a different product for this time of year, possibly Hereford could be the worst place ever to own an ice cream truck, but I am not an economics teacher, so I just kept walking and shivering.  However I guess I should learn, at every moment over here there is an opportunity to eat or drink something fattening- and my walk home should not be an exception to this.

2013 note: I just found a YouTube for "The Tiger That Came for Tea" and if you listen carefully at 2:29 you will hear my "favourite" line. But not only did the tiger drink Daddy's beer, he also "drunk all the water in the tap" and I just started "LOL-ing" as I read a comment by another viewer.... worried about how the tiger may be over hydrated. Do you ever start laughing so hard at something that perhaps isn't that funny, but for whatever reason it IS funny at that moment. That is me right now :)

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