Line 'em Up {Part One} with a Freebie

Do you dread walking in the hall with your class? Do you wish you could teleport all of them and avoid the journey? Then this post is for you!

Not sure why I started this like an infomercial... it just came out like that... but don't worry I am not selling you anything .... and actually there's a freebie in store for you! It's all about this:
But before we get to that...

I am not big on having my little ones be in a straight and perfect line. That being said, also not a fan of "Recess on the Go." I want them to be respectful and aware that other classes are learning...but I also don't want to say, "Be quiet for all the other classes right now." That gets old....and well, not that effective. 

Let's start with outside... if  we are walking outside {which in Southern California we do quite often} I
 like to allow them to do what I do {Follow the Leader Style} with skipping, hopping or some type of "Crazy Walk." It's amazing that as we are practicing our motor skills how many less problems arise.  One may argue we aren't exactly in a line... but to me I am happy to see them following directions, doing a bit of extra P.E. and getting all 29 of them to our final destination. In fact, this is how we go to lunch nearly every day... and for the record I am often skipping in heels. 

Now on to inside... that is a lot trickier...isn't it?

If we are walking inside I tell them to "Catch a bubble." Another teacher I work with always used this and before I tried it I thought it was so random... but sure enough it works like a charm. They all open wide to catch an imaginary bubble in their mouth and they can't let it go until you reach your destination. They love it {and so will you.}

I also have a standing rule which is if my little ones are given a compliment by any other adult on campus they earn a starfish! {Their goal is to earn ten starfish as a class for a surprise! kinda like a marble jar} And since our school is a busy place there are adults all over and the kids all stare at that person, silently saying, "Look how good I am being... compliment us already, will you!?" I never tell this to the other people I work with but we do often get compliments. 

The next idea I got from a blog called Teaching 3rd Grade. I have no idea how I came across it, but it inspired me. I tried the idea out a bit last year. 

You get a cup with every child's name in it and then every time you are lined up ready to leave the room then you draw a name, but shhh you don't tell the kiddos who was selected. The lady I got this idea from calls it Mystery Walker... I do like this name, but I use the word "mystery" in so many other things that I I changed it up to "Wonderful Walkers" and we "wonder" who will it be?

The idea is that the Wonderful Walker is eligible to win a prize or a point or whatever you want to give them. The walkers know that someone has been chosen... but who?... so next thing you know they are all walking perfectly hoping it is them!

Although I used this last was an add on idea and so this year I wanted to do it RIGHT. That being said, I may wait until January or later on when I feel my other "lining 'em up tricks" are losing their steam. Last year I just used my normal "classroom sticks" you see below.

BUT I want this to have its own container so without speaking I can just grab the Wonderful Walkers box and draw a name... not that I am a mime, but sometimes I like it when the kids know exactly what is up without me saying a word... when using my normal tub I had to make an announcement since I am always drawing sticks out of here for so many things.
Tub is from Target Dollar Spot and I have a post {here} that you can learn more how I use this.

As you may know I was in Vegas not that long ago and like a good tourist.... I bought a mug. I know random {am I 80?)... but as you can see below... my hubby and I have made a tradition of this.. but believe me we don't buy one every time or we may die in a world of mugs...and I know, are we 80 years old...who collects mugs? Why am I telling you this?  Because as I made my first "cuppa" tea I noticed that the green box it came in had a job to do.. and that job was to be my new Wonderful Walkers holder.
Not saying you need to go buy yourself a Starbucks if they need extra advertising... but just keep your eyes peeled {always} at all the packaging you come into contact with.  Any box, small tub or container will do the trick for this.

I got to work:
A lil Mod Podge on the back of the cut pieces out and a bit on the front... If you use a laser jet printer then life is good.  If you have an ink jet printer then be careful.... the pink polka dots can bleed. I have heard that you can an acrylic sealer and spray a few coats of that on anything from an ink jet printer and then it should work.

Also {not shown in my materials picture above} I added this awesome poem to the back:

In case you can't see the poem in the photo it reads:

I'm choosing someone in my head.
To see if you face straight ahead.
Are your hands down by your side?
Do you walk with a quiet stride?
Is your voice off as you walk,
Not a bit of any talk?"
(I am not the author of this poem. I think the author is from the Teaching Third Grade blog}

Now the poem had one extra line at the end:
"If I see the answer's yes, A special prize for your success."

Well, cute line... but I haven't decided if it will be a prize or maybe some point system... or moving their clip up or what! So I left it off for me.

Now... these print outs are available to YOU as a FREEBIE... there is the poem with and without the extra line at the end. There is also the titles and question marks with or without the pink polka dot background. You could use it just how it is OR add a bit of scrapbook paper as a backing.

Instead of the kiddos names I used their numbers on the popsicle sticks. I have had these purple sticks FOREVER from a multi color pack and I never had a use for they have found their home now.
I used my Uniball "pigment ink" pen to show on the purple- but you could use a paint pen or regular sticks. Another perk to using numbers is that this will be good for more than one year.

I even cut a piece of the Starbucks packaging to serve as a divider:

My plan is that after a child has had a turn I will move their stick to the other side. I won't wait for all 29 to have a turn or I worry about losing them as they'll "figure it out" and know there isn't a chance that they are the Wonderful Walker...we can't let that happen!
Please note the numbers are facing down so it is more secretive... and the divider may come out because I may not like that plan {which is also why I didn't label each side of the box... I have a feeling it may just be one big box again.}

Hopefully you  can use this little tip for walking with your class! And I would love for you to share any awesome tricks you have to Line 'em Up!

Part Two of this post will be tips on getting them into the line..before you are even walking. :)

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  1. I a m with you on lines...they don't need to be straight and perfect but quiet and respectful. I think you will have great success with this plan!
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