Alphabet Printing Practice

Today two strange things are happening....

1. I'm blogging


2. I posted a new product on TpT

What is going on?

I haven't been around here as often and I apologize. But I wanted to make sure I shared with you my new little product.

Nothing earth shattering, but still a very useful tool....alphabet printing practice.

alphabet printing handwriting practice crayons and whimsy
alphabet printing handwriting practice crayons and whimsy

Each of these pages asks students to practice both the upper and lower case version of the letter. I purposely put a traced letter half way across the row. As in they trace two times....on their own three times... then TRACE AGAIN, followed by three more on their own....


Because research shows that little ones rarely look ALL the way back to the beginning of a row to reference what the letter SHOULD look like- they just look at the last letter they wrote. So as they progress from left to right their letters get messier and messier as they go...... sound familiar?

So I like a little mid-line refresher to get them back on track.

I also have included 2 or 3 pictures on each page of an item that starts with the letter. I know some people separate their phonics instruction from their handwriting instruction and for that reason I haven't asked the students to identify which items start with each sound - just in case that isn't your focus.  So ALL of the pictures are just a reinforcement...or maybe an that letter sound.

As you can see above, I like to bind mine into a book and then I am set for the year....or a few months... but better than making 26 trips to the copier! A cover is included in the set if you want to do the same.

This is one of the few things I do as a whole group - because let's be honest...we can't be in small groups all day... I WISH we could. So this is something that we can tackle as a class. And I love that once the kiddos learn the pattern of the steps required of this book they are set to go.

They even know to put their writing fingers in the air as soon as we open these puppies up. The first thing we do is "air write" the letters every time. I love seeing their fingers ready to go.

I hope to be back around here soon...and I super appreciate YOU are here reading :)

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