Color Shape Book Fun...with a FREEBIE!

This year my plan is to start the school year in a colorful way! Learning about colors that is!
Last week I blogged about language arts pacing for Common Core. I shared a book called Common Core Curriculum Maps. You can check out that post {HERE} It suggests starting kindergarten with a unit titled "A Colorful Time with Rhythm and Rhyme." So friends, that is my plan.

I've started with colors before and at first the parents are skeptical...colors?!? My child already knows all of his colors! And yes, this may be true... but we are going to learn to read, write, spell and even sing about the colors. We are going to learn how to use graphic organizers, sort and categorize as well as have fun {of course!}

I love starting with colors, because the little ones do feel confident about this and that helps them to feel excited and safe in this brand new school they have entered.

I have created emergent readers for all of the color words. They are shape books- just because that is more fun!

These books are are available on Teachers Pay Teachers - on their own {HERE} or as part of my larger "All About Colors" Unit {HERE}

I know, I know... you may not have time to cut out all these books (if you have first graders or you use it at the end of kinder perhaps they can cut their own?) But the other solution is the "half book" version. All the books are available in both a shape and a half book:

Here is a list of the colors available as well as the shape they have [even more information is on the preview on Teachers Pay Teachers}

Below is the yellow shape book and half book as a freebie. Just click on it to download this freebie:

Have a colorful day!

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