Throwback Thursday Linky

I am linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Cara Carroll, at The First Grade Parade today! At first I thought....hmmm, should I do this linky...because I don't have that far to "throw back" to, but YES I want to join in the fun.

I was just looking at an old post of mine from last September as I was getting this blog going for the first time and after just a few days of school with my new ocean theme. This year I am planning on sticking with the ocean theme and just updating it a bit. So here is the post.... Under the Sea:

As promised, here are pictures of my ocean themed room!

The two above pictures show you most of my classroom. I am lucky to have a big room! I used various sea animals for the table names and found a stuffed version to hang from each table. On the windows you see the TLC Humpty Dumpty activity. I love all the TLC Nursery Rhyme projects. Actually, I just love everything from TLC! Here is a close up my class rules:
These rules are available for  at my Teachers Pay Teachers store- just click {HERE} It even comes with a fun mini book about the rules. I'm not sure why I took this picture before hanging my last rule... oops!
Ta da!!!!! My very own Deanna Jump Palm Tree in my class library! If you want one of these... go to Deanna Jump's blog and she gives you step by step directions!
My "O-fish-al" business area will be where I post literacy and math centers. It will also be my Focus Wall. Our district asks us to have a focus wall where we post our current learning concepts and standards.
Just a last few pictures!

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  1. Your room is adorable. Love that coconut tree!!! Cute blog and post!