Five For Friday - June Twenty-eighth

It's Friday and although I always love Friday.... it isn't as exciting during summer break! This is my first  full week off and that is something to celebrate!
It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday.... I am a little bit cheating this week because my #1 is technically from last week... but I didn't do my Five for Friday it's coming to you now.

This week I am starting with a video. I was inspired by my friend Michelle at Apples and ABC's, who did all 5 things in video format not too long ago. That won't be happening here, but I am happy with one!

Here is a snip-it from my class end of the year party... Carnival Style:

Last weekend I went to Palm Springs for some pool time and fun with friends....teacher friends that is. In honor of the start of summer, a bunch of us headed out to the desert for temperatures of 100+ and lots of fun...We were so lucky to rent such a fabulous house.

I got my new Color Shape Books on Teachers Pay Teachers! I added them to my All About Colors Unit too! The kids love these and are excited to be reading in September. Now it is time to start prepping them!

I want to get more beach time in. I do live at the beach, in fact I counted how many steps yesterday. It took me 191 steps from my apartment to the beach.

Today is super foggy {yuck!} so this picture isn't too nice... but here is the view from my place...can you see what is at the end of those 191 steps?
And in case you couldn't... this is from earlier in the week:

So my goal is remind myself to appreciate my proximity to the beach and take advantage of it. I mean, my husband and I live in a place the size of a shoebox and we chose that to be close to THIS. 

When I am not at the beach, TpTing or blogging I am playing Candy Crush. It is a bit out of hand and I so can't pass level level annoying! What probably should be more annoying that out of 5 things... Candy Crush makes the cut?! Wow.... 

So I hear this is the last Five for Friday until August 2nd! Don't worry there are some new linkys and other things to keep us all busy. See you soon!

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