Parent Volunteer Certificates {Freebie!}

The Queen of Procrastination... that's me.... finally got my parent volunteer gifts organized this weekend.

Here is the final product {The template is a Freebie at the end of this post!}

Let me back up.....
A few weeks ago my school had our annual luncheon for the volunteers. Some {slightly more organized} teachers give their volunteers gifts on this day. I mentioned the luncheon briefly in another post, but it was a salad themed event!

The invites were adorable {compete with a pair of salad tongs!}

Each class helped to decorate:
There was a salad bar...of course!
And even some student entertainment at the end! All in all, a wonderful event!

So now fast forward to the last week of school and that is when I get my act together for the parent gifts. Plan A was to go the succulent route as a few of my blogging buddies had done and then there was plans B though...who even knows! Then I finally decided to make certificates that the students will present to the volunteers this week. I stole this idea from my principal who did a similar thing as gifts to all of us teachers for teacher appreciation.

I needed a gift that was simple and affordable... but still would show how grateful I am for their help. This year I have 15 volunteers.... yes, it's insane! A few help us from home with prep work, but the majority of them are in class running centers once a week. The fact that there are so many was another reason I had to keep the price down {And you will notice, I kept the amount of color ink to a minimum as well}

Here are my supplies:
The best part was when I was buying the lottery tickets 2 people {separately without hearing the other one} asked me, "Do you ever win any money when you buy those things?" I really do hope at least one of my volunteers is a winner winner chicken dinner!

Click the image below to download the template yourself....Sorry but you gotta buy your own Awesome bars and lottery tickets!
Credits for the certificate: Clip art by Scrappin Doodles, Frame by Enlightened Elephant and Fonts by Cara Carroll. The certificate idea is from my principal who gave a similar gift to me... she may have found it on Pinterest!

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