Five for Friday {June Seventh}

It is Five for Friday time so I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and once again, I'm posting on a Saturday.  This has been quite the week....

1. The most exciting thing to report is the 100 Follower Giveaway that is going on RIGHT NOW. I am co-hosting this event and it ends Sunday evening so check it out now {CLICK HERE}

2. I put up a new set of classroom rules on Teachers Pay Teachers. This one has a farm theme!

3. We had our annual End of the Year School Picnic this week. It's deceiving because it isn't quite the end of the year yet.... still gotta last until June 18. 
Anyway, there is a watermelon eating contest for the kiddos and the teachers. This is my sad performance.... 
In my defense, your hands are behind your back and you have to scrape the thing with your teeth. And, mainly for the students' entertainment, we wear shower caps, but it does keep my hair from being soaked in watermelon juice! 

4. I have been an assessment machine this week. 29 kids plus a million assessment = me eating badly! So I whipped out a bag of M&Ms because I needed a little "Sugar Crush" (Oh yes! I like to use lingo from Candy Crush because it is my addiction) You see how the picture is out of focus.... I think that is a result of me eating half of that bag and so it probably seemed in focus at the time.... 
And in case you were wondering... yes, I shared with my little readers... yes, that bag is almost empty and no, I am nowhere finished assessing!

5. On Friday we had our last Patriotic Assembly of the school year. The first Friday of each month our school has one of these special assemblies. We focus on a different theme from John Wooden's "Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success" book. Each grade level has a turn performing a skit or song to highlight their building block to success (examples are confidence, team spirit and friendship)

My favorite part of the assembly is when all 800 kids in our school wave a flag as we sing "Proud to be an American." It brings a tear to everyone's eye....
Also bringing a tear to my eye is this horrible weather.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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