First Five for Friday of December

It's Friday... I'm in love....

Ahh this week was hard. Coming off a break into real life is not that fun.

But I have a lot of action to share with you so let's do this Five for Friday style with Doodlebugs Teaching!

I am part of an AWESOME giveaway going on right NOW. Why is it so grand? Because you don't have to cross your fingers and hope you win...EVERYONE who enters wins! Yes.... everyone!

You can even win yourself ALL 3 packs if you like. I am a part of pack A which includes:
You can see my post that tells you ALL about it HERE... or head straight on over to I'm Lovin' Lit as she is hosting these fun shenanigans!

Did you hear that the 2013 Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies Ebooks are out!  They are a gift for YOU!  There are 4 different books each with 50 pages... it is ALL FREE!

Each page in the book is by a different Teachers Pay Teachers seller and you can read a helpful tip and then click to a fun freebie from each and every person who contributed...and who doesn't like FREE!?!

I'm so proud to say that I am one of the sellers in the PreK/K ebook!!

Here are the other ebooks you should check out:

2013 Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies for Grades 1-2

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My kiddos and I have just started to talk about the Five Senses in the North Pole! Love this time of year. We started with sight and just moved on to smell. Look at this perfect book:
 Please read the key sentence on the cover "scratch and sniff" as in good ol' 1985 fun.

And even better... inside the book are these obvious stickers...again, throwback style!
But it was the perfect addition to our holidays 5 senses unit....

It especially helped to get us ready to make a circle map for things we can smell.

Another great children's book if you are doing anything with the 5 senses right now is Elf Elementary.

And then we completed the page in our 5 Senses of North Pole books. I got this book idea from Shari Sloane and you can read an old post for more information about all of this {HERE

And just as an FYI... I "marinated" those gingerbread die  cuts in cinnamon the night before {yes, ginger would be more appropriate... but it doesn't smell as nice!}


This week I found out that my hubby and I will be living in Louisville, Kentucky next summer for 6 weeks! He will be doing his surgical rotation for school at the University of Louisville!

I am 100% a Californian girl and my hubby is an Euro just getting used to California.... so I think this should be interesting!

We requested this placement because although I have never been to Kentucky I LOVE, LOVE South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Plus, both of us love going new places and trying new things. In fact, we were super upset when we realized we wouldn't be able to take any trips this summer due to his schedule...our way to fix that? To ask for a rotation as far away as we could!

And somehow it worked and they gave it to him! YAY!

So now we have to find a place to live and get a car... and just plan it all!

The only sad thing is that I may not be able to make it to Vegas for the kindergarten conference AND the TpT conference.... Man, that isn't good.

RIP Nelson Mandela

Let's all LOVE each other.


  1. I love your quote from Nelson Mandela, it is so true!!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. SO happy you got such an awesome placement for the summer...BUT not so happy we can't meet up with Vegas! Your old school Scratch & Sniff is awesome!

    Lucky to Be in First

    1. Molly I am not 100% a no vote for Vegas... there's always a chance because I really want to see and meet everyone!!

  3. We are doing sensory stuff right now too! I'm curious about how you marinated your gingerbread di-cuts??? Did you just sprinkle cinnamon over them and they absorbed the smell? KinderCoaster

  4. Hi Kelsey! I put the whole class set of gingerbread men in a Ziploc bag with the cinnamon inside and shook it up. I did it the day before, so they had time to absorb the smell, but maybe not necessary. :)