Santa Mouse {Easy Ornament Idea}

Have you heard of Santa's Littlest Helper? No! Not the elves.... I am talking about Santa Mouse!

Each year I read this rhyming story to my little ones and we make the matching mouse craft.... a very cute ornament!

It really is a sweet story of a generous little mouse who doesn't have a name and Santa comes along to the rescue.  In fact, here is a little YouTube version for you to see if you click HERE!

And do you know I found this book for $2.00 in Barnes and Noble one year?  It is a true story. About 2 or 3 years ago on the day after Christmas this beautiful hardback book was sitting in the after Christmas clearance!!

I tell my little ones that if they hang this sweet mouse ornament on their tree then Santa and his tiny helper will know that they know the story of Santa Mouse! In the story it also says to leave a piece of cheese out for him, but we just stick with leaving him hanging on the tree.

And on the back I put a little sticker that reads "We read the story of Santa Mouse" with the date and their name:
All you need is a candy cane, felt, mini pink pom-poms for noses and googly eyes {super tiny ones!}

I precut the felt like this  {The template to trace Santa Mouse on felt is HERE}
And this year I even had a volunteer add the eyes and nose ahead of time. So yes, the kids didn't do as much, but this way we could stick them on there with hot glue. Is that cheating? Maybe.....

The kids had to weave in the ears, candy cane and stick on their sticker:
Here is the template for the sticker... but since it is a Word Document...well, you'll have to use your own cute fonts... sorry about that. Click HERE!

Maybe this can become a fun little tradition for you and your little ones!


  1. This was my favorite book as a child! My grandma would read it to me when I would stay at her house; it didn't matter the time of year. I love this simple craft to accompany it.

    Happy Holiday,

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  2. We made these ornaments for our parent gifts this year! I'm definitely going to look for the book though. Love the idea with the sticker on the back, too!