Kindergarten Holiday Gift Idea

I may not give pencils as a gift every year... but when I do, I give personalized ones.

So I gave it away...what you are looking at are pencils. I get each student a 3 pack of pencils with their first and last names on them.  They come from For Teachers Only.

And it truly is my favorite Christmas or Holiday gift to buy my class and here is why:

They are super cheap {99 cents per pack}, personalized so the kids love them and the best part.... they promote writing.... which is a little thing I have begged them to do while they will be away from me for two weeks!

And it's true... you can things personalized all over the place, but I feel like most places force you to get 8 million that all say the same thing.... and that just isn't as good.

Because I can't share my cuties can't see theirs... but here are a few extra packs I ordered:
A. I always get one generic set just in case a new friend shows up post-order but pre-Christmas!


B. I am trying out the whole idea of having special pencils just for the writing center.

Other years I have gotten my kids books or puzzles or homemade playdough with a cookie cutter.

As for wrapping these little pencils. I decided the "chalkboard it up" since that seems to be all the trend.

I have to admit another reason is because we have black butcher paper {aka craft paper} available at school. I precut all the black rectangles first.

Then I folded the rectangle around one set of pencils so I knew where the front would be. {After you "measure" one you can quickly just crease all the others}

Then I just wrote on them with two different white pens:
-a white fine tip paint pen {like this one} for the child's name and then other colors for doodling.

and a white pigment Uniball {you can see here} for my name

And of course... I added a little washi {here is a link to some of the Christmas ones you see}... a little decoration.... and I'm done.
Let it dry and quickly just wrap 'em up.

I'd love for you to share any amazing ideas you have.... because like I said in the beginning.... I don't always give pencils.

P.S. Sorry I'm a little tardy with this post... but these could be a good end of the year gift too! So in that case... I'm early!


  1. Very cute idea. Love your wrapping as much as your gift!
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. It is indeed a cute idea, well aside from pencil we can also use crayons or color pencil and simply print a sticker to personalized it. Kids do love stuffs that involves coloring.