Five for Friday

Friday..... really? I'm lucky I even know it is Friday. It could be any day of the week. Strange how Friday loses its luster in the summer. It still sounds a lot better rolling off the tongue then let's say Monday...

This week has been busy.

1. Vegas .... I know, you have heard all about it already. It was amazing that is all I can say.

One picture:
You want more?  Then CLICK {HERE} and you will see more because let me tell you, there are more.

2. After leaving Vegas I didn't go home.. oh no....I headed east to Kentucky. More on that to be shared soon, but bottom line is my hubby is here for school reasons doing a rotation at the University of Louisville Hospital and me...well, I am just soaking in the Kentucky lifestyle... it is my first time here and so far I am enjoying it!!

This ain't Orange County though .....that's for sure.
This is me in my very own backyard....drinking tea from a mason jar, sitting on a crate and just enjoying all the cardinals flying around...all I got are seagulls and pelicans in my world.

P.S. I found the best chocolate chip cookie EVER! So little known fact... the best CC cookie is in Louisville, Kentucky at a little joint called Please and Thank You! Just in case you are in the hood.

3. Jamberry....
I freaking {DOUBLE heart} this stuff.

I feel like some people are sick of reading and seeing posts about it...not from me...this is the first appearance of Jamberry on the blog... and it won't be a regular thing....

Sorry if you one of those people ...scroll down to Number 4 if that is you.

But then every day I have people say Jam what? And even more people compliment my nails.
It's just some vinyl nail wraps that make you look fabulous... that is all.

I know 4th of July is over... but this is some good red white and blue action!
I didn't even know what Jamberry was until 2 months ago and now I sell them! I became obsessed instantly and had to not only buy a million different ones, but I wanted to actually become a consultant and sell them...hopefully not just to myself though......  So far, I  LOVE it!
If you want a free sample or have questions about Jamberry you can email me: Or you can click HERE to just shop around yourself!

And if you want to follow my Jamberry Facebook Page which currently has all of 25 followers... well just click HERE!

In fact, let's make this fun... if you like the Facebook page and leave a comment telling me you are there - I will pick one winner at the end of tomorrow for a ONE FREE FULL PAGE of Jamberry Wraps!!!  {I just made that up right now.... but it sounds fun, right?}

Moving right along......

4 . Does anyone know this book?

Well, Emily's First 100 Days in School used to be a staple part of my calendar in my classroom for the first 100 days.

It goes through each day and each number.... here is an inside look:
You may know this author, Rosemary Wells, she has some other books with bunnies as the main characters!

I loved using this during calendar.....took a break the last several years... just because ..... but I am thinking about dusting it off and bringing it back this year!! It is cute and an easy way to make counting to 100 fun! are 2 small issues:
1. Sometimes it may be off a bit... you know because some of use start school at different times. So on Day 72 it reads something like this: "We're making 72 Christmas and Hanukkah cookies" and you are like... um, it's January? or maybe November?  But not all of them are holiday based so I am still okay with it....and sometimes the stars align and it works!!! and the kids don't mind - I think it is just their teacher that is annoyed by it.

2. Day 9 talks about 9 planets... and you know, Pluto isn't one anymore! {book was written in 2000} And Day 10 also is about the planets {she says 9 planets plus the sun makes 10} BUT this could just be a good little conversation, right? I don't think that it is enough of a reason to not read it- it is 2 shorts pages in a LONG counting adventure.

There is a video version- which I just watched and am 95% sure it is exactly the same as the book.. This could be fun to show on the 100th day as a recap or show just a tiny part each day?  You can see it HERE!

Do you know of any other type of book that tells a story as you count along? I'm open to another book... but I like that the kids can relate... I mean, she is a bunny, but other than that she is living a life just like them.... plus counting to 100!

5. I have rewritten this one many times already......and after much deleting and uncertainty I will just keep it short.

I was devastated to hear about the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crash yesterday. The 295 passengers and crew as well as their families are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sad and speechless. I wasn't sure if I should include it on this post......but when I reflect on this week it is definitely something that is on my mind.
Hop on over to Doodlebugs to see what everyone else is up to!


  1. I love Rosemary Wells, but I haven't seen the book.It sounds like a great one to include during calendar time, even with the 9 planets! I love all of the Jamberry designs, but I haven't tried them. I never paint my nails, but they sure are cute!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. Thanks for the link to the Rosemary Wells video. I pinned it to my video book board. You are right, it will be great for the 100th day of school. Kidpeople Classroom

  3. I also read about the airplane this morning and immediately thought of the families. Thanks for sharing your feelings.
    I'd love to try Jamberry, but I have really short awful nails. I'll go and like your page anyway!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. The crash made me incredibly sad, made me hug the family a little tighter.

    I am brand shiny new to Jamberry, but I liked your Facebook page and may try them out. I think my kiddos pay better attention when my nails are pretty....I talk with my hands A LOT!!!

  5. I just signed up to sell them too - only to pay for my bad habit!! I mostly wear on my toes! They are super fun!

  6. I'm extremely jealous of your trip to Vegas but also dying to know more about Jamberry! Liking your Facebook page as we speak!

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog earlier! :)

    The TAG Teachers Tidbits (formally known as First Year Teacher takes on Fifth)

  7. I so hear you about Jamberry! I am obsessed with them, mixing and matching patterns. My friends laugh at me! I had a Jam party on Facebook this week and got several of my friends to try them. As soon as they receive their wraps, we're having another party to put them on together. Are we crazy or what?


  8. Your blog is adorable! I'm so glad you found me on the Five For Friday link up!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  9. Great post! I have had that book in my classroom library for eight years and have never once opened it up (it was passed down to me), you have inspired me to look at it now, and have given great suggestions for how to use it! Your Jamberry nails look so cute. I want to try them, but my nails are ridiculously short, and I'm a nail biter :(. I'll check out yor Facebook page anyways!

  10. I love your ideas for the book! I'll have to try them out!
    I have heard of Jamberry Nails, but they intimidate me! I'm glad I am following your Facebook page, maybe I'll learn how to use them and not be afraid! Then I can buy some and do it!

  11. I love Rosemary Wells! I can't believe I've never seen this book, it looks adorable! I'm definitely going to go check it out, and thanks for the video link, that's awesome!

    Your Jamberry nails are so cute, I had never heard of it until this past week, but the concept is really cool!

    Love and the Librarian