Summer Lovin' Sale {Day Three}

Are you ready for Day 3?


You missed Day 1 and 2 are wondering what in the world I am talking about?

Well, it is a Summer Lovin' Sale!!
Today I am happy to share 3 items from my store ... I figured since this was Day 3....that we should do 3 items.

Then I really decided to run with the pattern of 3 that means that all 3 things on sale are $3.00!

Not Now...they are regularly $3.00 but for TODAY are 20% at $2.40 

{that 2.40 part doesn't fit the pattern.....oh well... you can't beat $2.40!}

These 3 products you "need" for Back to School.

I love using the word need. I tell my husband all the time... I "need" those shoes... I "need" all that junk from Target Dollar Spot.....right? I sure do seem to "need" a lot.

So today each one is on sale for only $2.40.... That would be LESS than $5.00 for two of these!!! Or just $7.20 for ALL THREE....  Which is why I come to the conclusion that I think you "need" all of these :)

We have some Back to School Number Writing Practice.
Back to School Number Writing Practice

Nothing too fancy... it's simple, but in my book, necessary in September!
And there is this same number writing practice with a Halloween Theme if you want a little October practice and a Holiday one too!!

What else is on sale?

This little Apple Tree Book is one of my favorites. This little ditty comes with a full size and full color teacher version that can also be a math center... and a half book black and white fun for the kiddos.
Apple Poem Book Crayons and Whimsy

Do you know the old poem: Way up high in the big, tall tree, _____ red apples looked down at me. I shook that tree as hard as I could.....Down came the apples. Mmmmm were they good!"

The blank line is there because the kids {or you} can choose how many apples...3 apples, 4 apples etc etc.

This is a early in the year so it is a good time to practice conservation of numbers.... there needs to be 4 apples on every page. So we are consistently counting and representing 4.

Plus we are rhyming and always love to throw that in there.

 Here is a peak at one of the directions pages that tells you more about it:

P.S. Last year I was lazy... as in didn't wanna deal with paint... if that seems like a nightmare you don't have time for... green crayon works and the book is still darling! For the apples you can use stamps, stickers or the red crayon!

And some more sneak peaks:

And last up.... another good math center for back to school: Kitty Cat Button Counting and Number Recognition 

Since the title is apparently a novel in itself I think you have a good idea of what this is all about....
Somehow this $3.00 gem {NOW $2.40} is 52 pages!

So to recap:
Get 1 of the above for just $2.40

Get 2 of the above for $4.80

Or check out this equation:
The Back to School Number Writing + The Apple Tree Book  + Kitty Cat Button Center = $7.20
{as in.... that is a really good deal and I think you "need" these....wink wink}

And just FYI I have many other things in my store that are also $3.00 just some short and sweet add ons to freshen up a unit you may already have...check it out while you are there!

I'll be here again tomorrow...same place, same time!

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