Guided Math: Time to Make This Happen!

So it ends here my friends....

This is the last week of our Guided Math Book Study.

Today we are just reviewing how to have it all come together... how to teach our students that
*They ARE mathematicians
*They can solve challenging problems

To make sure we are empowering them to understand this and hope they will enjoy the problem solving process.

Um, could this be a more difficult task. Seriously?

As we discussed previously, it is at a young age that people start to say, "Oh I'm just not good at math." And we know that is not the case - they just haven't been taught math in a way that works for them. Like we said, the traditional whole group model of just sharing rote rules and procedures just isn't going to cut it!

One size does not fit all! This is true at Nordstrom and in the classroom!

One of the most important parts to guided math is the relationship teachers build with their students. Can I say that I {heart} that Laney Sammons takes the time to point this out.. I 100% agree.

If students feel safe and respected they will feel more comfortable and be more willing to take risks in their problem solving... not just in math, mind you, in all subjects. This will benefit everyone.

Teachers also need support of other teachers to discuss ways to best deliver their instruction or how to modify their teaching. The author says that establishing this type of support is critical.

This book, Guided Math, has been time well spent for me this summer. Some of the concepts were things I already know... but guess what, you need to re-read those things over and over to make sure they actually happen. And many of the idea were a fresh look on an old concept. So if you want to revamp your math approach - then this is the book for you.

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  1. Loved following your Guided Math series!
    I look forward to reading more of your posts as the school year gets started and your Guided Math is up and running!
    Thanks so much for a chance at winning the planner!!