Summer Lovin' Sale {Day 2}

Today is the second installment of your Summer Lovin' Sale!


Sumer Lovin Sale Crayons and Whimsy

I have TWO new items on sale for 20% off TODAY ONLY!

First is my All About Colors Unit! {And yes, "colours" is available in the pack if you need that spelling!}
All About Colors Crayons and Whimsy Unit
I have had parents kid already knows their colors.

Yep, I know... many of them do.

But this unit starts kindergarten with something that the kids can think..."oh cool, I know this. I can be successful at this new gig!" And while we are at it they are learning to read and write the color words... which are probably things they didn't already know. And there is a letter included to explain this idea to any parents in your classroom, too!

This puppy gets me through the first 2 weeks of school... there are some simple reads, sorting, color mixing and more!

Crayons and Whimsy All About Colors Unit

My favorite part {if I do say so myself}... are the shape books for each color! Above you can see the pink pig, blue balloon and the green leaf. There is a shape book for ALL the colors!

Here is one my cuties from last year just writing in her little leaf book:
All About Colors Shape Books Crayons and Whimsy

Now that is some pretty good writing for approximately day 4 of kindergarten! I would write it for anyone who was struggling and there is the option to use a page that already has "green" written in.

And just to be clear - that kind of writing is just the last page where they choose their own green item... you can leave this off if you like...or you could make all the pages like that... whatever fits your little ones. In my class....all the other pages look like this and only the last page requires writing.
 And if the prep involved to cut out those shape books seems like something you don't have time worries... there is this easy version for every color too!
Pssst... here is a secret! You can click on the YELLOW image above to download the Yellow book for FREE to see if you like it!

And my next sale item is my Mini Unit on Spiders!  Ok so we aren't feeling that October vibe yet... but it will be here any get ready!
Spiders Mini Unit Crayons and Whimsy

Since I rambled for so long about the color unit... I'm going to show you this preview to this Spider goodness and let you go.....

Oh wait... one thing... my favorite is the Itsy Bitsy Spider Book....look you can attach a plastic spider ring for their reading finger. Um, they love that!

Spider Unit Crayons and Whimsy

Don't forget all of these people are having a Summer Lovin' Sale too!!!
And remember these items are on sale TODAY ONLY... and then tomorrow... MORE GOODNESS WILL BE ON SALE!

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