Birthday Box

I am starting to think about next year and organize things! One thing I do for birthday celebrations is give every child a book. They also wear their birthday crown and get to be my special helper for the day.

I used to individually wrap a book for every child..... But then when I moved in to a new classroom two years ago and I inherited a Birthday Box! What is a birthday box you may ask?

Well take a look.....

It is a giant box (from the photo copy paper) wrapped up with a bow and when each child celebrates a birthday we open it up and they get to choose one book. Only the birthday friend can peek inside....

I like it... I like that I don't have to wrap each book but it is still super special for the child.... plus, they get to choose their own book! Did I mention the part where you only have to wrap one thing?!

Where do I get the books?  I try to get a few with bonus points on each Scholastic Book order. 

I am about to wrap up a fresh box for next year... the one you see was made by the other teacher and I think it is time I make my own. But before I did that I thought I would ask... What do you do for birthdays??? Do you have a new idea for me to try next year? 


  1. That is such a great idea!! I usually get little certificates and rubber bracelets from Lakeshore since 2nd graders are too cool for the crowns! ;) But I realllly like the gift box idea! It looks so pretty! I bet my kids would love it too!! :)

  2. That is such a great idea!!! Will definitely be using next year.