Homework Hooray!

Homework. Ahh, it can be such a hot topic. Not enough. Too much.  This post isn't get into that part of the whole thing.... maybe we'll delve into that another time. I personally do think that when the little ones do complete homework they should be acknowledged for the time and effort that it takes them.

At my school we give a weekly homework packet in kindergarten with about 4 pages and when it comes back I reward 5-7 kids with a Homework Hooray. It is just a simple reward to let them know the work is appreciated. Before I would try to write a note on the homework and send it back home.... I don't think that was the best plan since many of my kiddos aren't readers yet, especially in the beginning of kindergarten. But a fun award... with a lil' glitter... that does get the message across.
I wish you could see their cute faces to know just how proud they are! The Homework Hooray has become quite the honor in our class.

So if you need a little spice to your homework you can download the Homework Hooray here {just click on the image below}.... please note: glitter not included :)

A quick shout out... the adorable oval frame is from Enlightened Elephant and the fonts are from two of my favorites... Cara Carroll and Kevin and Amanda.

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