Butterfly Action Part Two

Not too long ago I shared about the 5 little visitors my little ones had in our class. Check it out {HERE}  While our caterpillars were eating, changing and going through metamorphosis we were just as busy!

We read a lot of non fiction butterfly books. We created a circle map together. And then I had each little one create their own.

This is tricky... they are experts at circle maps at this point in the year, but new to completing their very own.

Grab your own copy of the circle map by clicking the image below (Note: I did enlarge it on the copier to be bigger than 8 1/2x11 for them)

We also read this book:

It is a silly rhyming book jam packed with adjectives....perfect for our next activity! Also great for this activity is Margaret Wise Brown's poem "I Like Bugs!" which is also available as a book!

We made this chart. I learned this in Project G.L.A.D. training a while back.
Depending on the time of year I may only do one column at a time. For example, I do this same chart about spiders in October and it takes us a few days to do it. This time we filled it in all in one day. I prepare it like this before hand:
I know, I know... why is it so ol' skool with the hand writing? No, my computer didn't break down. There are a few reasons and I won't bore you with the details.

Once this chart is finished we use it for a million bajillion things. I think their favorite is getting to come up and create a sentence for the class.

For example: Pretty butterflies flutter in the sky. We write these sentences in our journals, we write poems... and in their spare time they LOVE, once again, coming up to create their own sentences.

Of course there needs to be a butterfly art project too! There are so many cute ones to choose from. I keep it simple with this one. It ties in a short, but sweet, symmetry lesson and the kids love smashing the paper and seeing the paint ooze out!

I'm actually putting together all of the other fun butterfly stuff I do in a TpT unit right now. I should have it done soon (fingers crossed). Happy Friday everyone!

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