Five For Friday with a Freebie at the End!

It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the 5 For Friday! And what a random week it was...

1. I'm starting with this picture... this is what my husband and I were up to on Sunday....our last day in the desert.  That still counts as "this" week right? Ahhh, it was a fabulously hot and a wonderfully cool time away. I heart you Palm Springs!

2. So then Sunday was over and reality kicked in.....Monday and Tuesday were uneventful....Then on Wednesday I was just starting to think... really, why is the week so long when I am working...yet, so fast when I am off? And then one of my little friends walks in and hands me this:
It says, "Mrs. Donnelly I am happy that I am back." Well, first of all this made me smile, but then it made me feel soooo guilty for secretly wishing for more spring break.... I love the the picture too, but I just can't figure our what the gray bows on the right are supposed to be?

3. A few posts ago I told you about my praying mantis situation. Click {HERE} to get caught up... then on Thursday morning I'm grabbing my keys running out the door and see that this:
has turned into this!!!!!!!! Seriously, THIS was (and actually still is) INSIDE my house.
This is to be continued, I'm sure!

4. I found a great new place to get ramen! I heart ramen! I actually heart anything Japanese. I've only been to Japan once, but I can't wait to go back. Over Spring Break my husband and I ventured up to Little Tokyo in LA and that is a special treat. This week I wanted ramen, but not the drive all the way to LA (or get on a plane to Japan) so we tried a local place... fun experience and so yummy! It's called Santouka Ramen...BEST part is that the only place you'll read that name is on some of the employee shirts because all the rest is in Japanese letters!) It is inside the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa... for anyone local!

5. Another teacher at my school shared this fun rain project. A. isn't it adorable, B. Check out the "sloppy copy" below... and C. I'm sharing the writing page as a Freebie :)

Here's A...the adorable: 

Here's B... Gotta LOVE those kinders.. we aren't sure of b vs. d and definitely don't know about silent e.... so this is what we have:

And here is C... your chance to use this paper. Thank Cara Carroll and Scrappin Doodles for the fonts and clip art. Just click on the paper to download it.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. LOL, I've had praying mantids in my classroom. SO cool! Word to the wise... Do not open the lid! Those little critters are escape artists. I'm jealous of your trip, too. It looks beautiful and peaceful! Have a great weekend!
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

  2. oh my gosh...all those tiny little cool!!! and I LOVE that rainy day art project I might just have to use this too... it is adorbs :)

  3. We LOVE Santouka ramen too! So delish! :)

  4. Your little rain project is so adorable! Miss you girl!!!


  5. Your blog looks very cute! We once found a snake in our room! Yikes, I am not a fan! Thank you for the rain page! I'll be back!

  6. Ok--this is my first time on your blog. Super Super cute background. I love it! Thanks for the rainy day paper. Very cute!

    Curious Firsties

  7. I just cracked up at that writing..and I shouldn't have! Great project!!! It's SO fun to see them grow in their writing as the year goes on! P.S. I LOVE your blog design!
    Mrs. Richardson's Class

  8. I love the rain craft and writing. So adorable!

    Carolina Teacher