Five For Friday... with a Freebie

Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching... I love this linky because I love any reminders that it is Friday!

Here is all about my week!

We having been crazy about the zoo in our room! We even had a field trip to the zoo about two weeks ago! Today we finished it up! I am so proud of the writing my little ones did. This unit has so many non-fiction connections, but I wanted to squeeze in a little bit of fiction too! They did a zoo story, complete with a "sloppy copy," conference with me and voila... check out some of the  finished products.

I'm SUPER proud of them! I stapled their sloppy copies under the final draft so their parents can see it... I wish I had taken of few pictures of them for you too!

 Please feel free to download the writing paper for free. Just click on the image below.
As for the cute zoo stamps. I got those at Michael's {Link} ... be sure to have the Michael's app for your coupon!
The clip art is from Scrappin' Doodles

I had a lunch date with some of my little friends and we played Mouse Trap. My goodness, there are a lot of pieces to that one! I love spending extra time with them and just having FUN!
In case you were wondering... no, I didn't win.

Chick eggs arrived. As we wrap up our zoo unit it is time to make that transfer to the farm! And the best part is hatching eggs. They arrived on Thursday... so we are hoping for some little chicks on May 15 and hopefully a few ducklings right after that. {Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch and ducks take about 28 days!}

Doesn't the incubator look like some prop from a 1960's science fiction movie?

When I realized my little toes were in the shot I was going to crop them out, but thought I would let you all see my odd choice of a blue polish.... paired with a blue shoe. Not sure I can explain that one. {And yes, I was called "ET toe" as a child.}

I am on Instagram! Yet another new adventure :) So far I really like it (I know I am a little late to the party!)  I'm there under crayonsandwhimsy.

On Monday some silkworms were delivered to my room.  I never request them, but they always seem to show up around this time of year and of course, I say yes. We are done with our insect unit, but why pass up a chance for some fun and good review?

They are so tiny, but holy moly will they get big and ugly! Actually they already are ugly. Poor little guys!

As you may know, they are fussy eaters and will just eat leaves from a Mulberry tree.  Lucky for me... my school has several of these trees... and honestly I believe that someone at some time planted these trees so that silkworms could be a yearly tradition! 

 So here I am.... modeling how to stand on the lunch tables... nice one, right? 


  1. Your blog is super cute! Found you through the linky. Heading over to Instagram too to follow you!

    For the Love of First Grade

  2. I am so happy to find you! what a cute blog and you should be very proud of their writing! I'm a new follower! I will visit often!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love the zoo animal paper. We are headed to the zoo for a field trip in a couple weeks. This will be perfect for writing about our favorite part.

    I feel the same way about the silkworms but I start to get attached to the little buggers by the end. Last year, one of my kiddos named one of the worms Casper the Friendly Ghost. I just about died! Too Funny!