Computer Lab - YAY!

My school recently got a computer lab...complete with a computer aide! Woot woot!

What programs do you have your little ones use on the computer?   Let me rephrase that question... what do you have your little ones do when all 29 {yes, I have 29 in my class!} of them are on the computer at once? It is exciting... but a little scary, right?

So far we have been using Smart in the program you use on a SmartBoard. It was the suggestion of our computer aide to give it a try rather that Pixie or another drawing program.

It has been GREAT and not as hard as I thought it would be.... maybe partially because they have been watching me use Smart Notebook all year. You can hear a pin drop for the full 30 minutes we are in the  lab. They LOVE every second of it... and I have to say, I don't mind the lower volume myself.

Look at these darling zoo animals:

I'm pretty sure this little guy is using the shapes to create the dots on the giraffe.

She is drawing with the crayon pen.

And what about this monkey? How kindergarten is that? Love!

So if you haven't had your kids use Smart Notebook to draw... give it a try! I've never used Pixie and a long time ago I used Kid Pix, but I have been very impressed with this program for kindergarten!

And please share... what other programs or ideas do you have for our new computer lab!

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  1. Chirsty, I just found your adorable blog through the teacher talk linky party!! I am now your newest follower (here and on Instagram) :)

    The Cozy Classroom

  2. When I have all 32 in the computer lab, we either log onto and we do some of the letter programs or the seasonal ones.
    My favorite idea is using a drawing program, like Kid Pix, to create a book of settings for our Gingerbread man. Students choose a background (such as a farm, the desert, or even a real place like the Capitol or Mount Rushmore.) Then, they either draw a gingerbread man into the scene with a drawing tool, or you can have them decorate a die-cut of the gingerbread man to glue it onto their printed scene later. Then, we compile the scenes into a "Book of Setting" an keep it in our classroom library. I explain it all and I made a book cover for our Setting Book that you can download here:
    Hope this helps. Check out more ideas on my blog: