Put me in the Zoo {Freebie!}

I have done a few posts sharing my love for Kohl's and their children's book section. {HERE you can find a post ....with a freebie..... for another book currently on sale.}

No, we aren't saying this is your new book store. But Kohl's always offers a handful of hardback children's books for just $5.00. And many times there is a stuffed animal to match {which also costs $5.}

And to make it better. The profits from these sales goes to charity. You can learn more on the Kohl's website. 

I am always scanning for new books. Right now one of the books featured is "Put Me in the Zoo" and you can even buy the matching spotted leopard from this tale.

Here's the thing.... once these books are gone Kohl's will get a new batch of titles in and these will be a thing of the past.  It seems each title is around for 3 months or so.... but don't hold me to that!

In case you are new to Put Me in the Zoo here is the gist: a spotted leopard really wants to live in the zoo. He shows off all the things he can do with his spots: change colors, put them in trees, make them tall, etc. But despite his talents.... they kick him out....

Finally the two children who have witnessed these random acts let him know that actually he should go to the..... wait for it..... spoiler alert...... circus.

And he finds out it is the place for him and he is quite happy...... the end.

This isn't a good book for plot or character development but it is fun as well as good for:
-rhyming words
-color words
-sight words
-simple and repetitive text

We made a fun little class book about what we would do with spots....and although it doesn't sound like the most earth shattering plot idea.... I am LOVING all of their entries.

 If I had spots I would put my spots on every animal in my fish tank.

If I had spots I would throw them in the sky.

If I had spots I would turn them purple and I would put them on a cat.

I have a post coming up soon explaining how we put the spots on these cute creations.

For now.... snag this little Freebie Here and head on over to Kohl's because who doesn't like a $5 hard back book?

And if you have a little zoo action going on in your classroom you may be interested in these fun zoo animal pattern blocks!

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  1. This is great, Christy! Thanks so much for sharing! I love those Kohl's books too....can't beat a hardcover book for $5.00! Can't wait to make this class book with my students!

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