Because I am Too Lazy to Make Puffy Paint

Yep... you read that title right. I can be lazy... not all the time, but I have seen so many posts about homemade puffy paint and thought my kiddos would L.O.V.E. that, but....ain't nobody got time that.

So if you want to make your own puffy paint {I applaud you} and you can check out this post from Meaningful Mama or this microwave version at Mommy Labs.

If you are lazy like on.

I also read on many blogs of the idea to mix some food coloring in glue. Ok... that is sounding more my speed.

That idea works, but I chose to add paint to my glue. Why? Because the paint gives it a thicker consistency than just plain ol' glue has on its own.

So that is it: glue + paint = .....and well, I wasn't sure is it Glue Paint or Paint Glue?

I choose Paint Glue.
Those are all the ingredients you need: paint {any color you like}, glue and some type of stirring device. I use tempera paint, not the legit tempera paint with egg in it... you know, school style paint. I would think that acrylic paint would work too.

I wait for my glue bottles to be nearly empty and use those. Not sure where these strange brand of glue in the photo came from, but their tops don't clog up so I {heart} them. Click HERE to read my "Glue Problems" post about un-clogging bottles that stop working and drive you crazzzy!

I pour paint in the nearly empty bottle and stir. Then add a little more glue and a little more paint and stir again.... and repeat again. 
When you are done stirring it will look light blue {or whatever color} because of the white color of the glue, but when it dries it will be the original  dark version of the color because the glue dries clear. If anything, I feel like it may be a smidge darker.

So sometimes I mix in white paint as well to lighten the final product just so it will look more similar to its "wet version" that the kids see when they are using it.

I make labels.... and then you are done!
They aren't glamorous.... but they are fun!

Remember, the whole reason we are adding paint as opposed to food coloring is to make this concoction is little thicker so it won't bleed all over the paper and look like this:
Is that a six? Yes, it is, but how frustrating for the little ones. This means you have to much glue and need a little more paint!

I don't have exact measurements for you....just a little of both. Try not to fill the bottle to the top because it is easier to stir and you need to stir it A LOT!!

I will be be doing a post soon about ideas for using paint glue.... for now you can see these:

This is for a class book we made.... more info on that HERE

And here is another idea....

The possibilities are endless and it is so good for fine motor practice which kinder and preschool friends NEED! And you know what... some of our first grade little ones do too!

Stay tuned for more on Paint Glue!

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