Five for Friday

Is it Spring Break yet? Well, at least it is Friday...

That means it is time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday!

1. First up...TpT Spring Sale. No one told me about this... then I saw a lot of other peeps sporting a sale and I decided to get in on this fun. Click HERE to check out my store!

I know what you are thinking.... if a fellow TpT seller were to jump off a bridge would I do that too? Hmm... maybe?

2. Yesterday I uploaded a new little number to TpT....

The best part, if you ask me.... is that there is a giveaway and 2 winners will each get this Pattern Block Unit.... both by email and a "real" one in your mailbox. Click HERE to read more and to enter.

3.  We have been entomologists this entire month of March. We ordered caterpillars from Insectlore and kept butterfly journals the entire month documenting the changes of our tiny caterpillars to beautiful butterflies.

In the beginning some of our entries were done as a shared writing activity {above}. And later they wrote on their own {below.}

I was impressed at how many of them thought to look to previous journal entries to find words such as "chrysalis" or even "caterpillars." Smart cookies!
The butterfly you see me holding was the last to go. He literally wanted to stay with us. Okay with me... that meant so many of them got to have him sit on their finger.

This butterfly journal is part of my butterfly mini unit.... and in case you forgot, please refer to #1 of this post to remember.... this is on sale all weekend!

4. Last weekend my school had our annual fundraiser. It is such a fun night and unfortunately in no way do I help my school make money.... BUT I do have fun hanging out with everyone. This is me with a fellow teacher and this year she is also a parent in my classroom.
If you are wondering about the outfit of the man you see in the background.... well it was a pirate theme party.... and the best I can do is a red shirt? Shame on me.... I am usually the one all annoyed when people aren't festive and fun... but I was busy... I had conferences. And well, I was fresh out of pirate.

Maybe next year can be a chevron theme because then I will have plenty to wear. Yeah, I am sure that is high the list for possible themes.

5. Last up.... I will be in Vegas this summer for the Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Conference.... but earlier this week I got this in the mail:

And well, I attended it in 2012 and then in 2013 I was also there, but unable to attend as many of the sessions.... and I think we need to go for a 3-peat... where I do at least two days?  

How can I pass this up when I have a VIP number.... oh yes I do {see purple arrow!} That really made me laugh. I don't think I will be VIP for many other things when I am in that Vegas scene.... but don't worry I will be VIP at I Teach K! Are you going? 

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to Doodle Bugs Teaching  for hosting the Five for Friday!


  1. Yes, I'm going to the I Teach K conference. I'm so excited! It's information overload, for sure, but so much fun!

  2. Oh I wish I lived close enough to come along to I Teach K! I almost have to stop looking at my Bloglovin feed around the time it's on because I get so jealous. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  3. Butterflies are taught in 1st grade at my school, but these butterfly journals are so cute! And your pattern block pack is awesome!!!

    Happy weekend!

    ABCs and Polkadots