Glue Problems

Are you ready for what may be the most random blog post ever?

Last week we used more white glue than any classroom should in a single week.

I am a glue stick fan...all the way....all the time. Well, I guess not ALL the time.....

And this past week I am reminded to why I hate am not a fan of white glue....wet glue...Elmer's glue...whatever you call it.

Last week the kids kept telling me, "This isn't working" as they squeeze with enough pressure to burst the glue bottle itself.

I go over there thinking they hadn't twisted the top open or there was a bit of dried glue on the top.....

But no, they were right....They WERE NOT working.

These bottles are new and it's annoying. So today I just want to share my little solution to this issue.... and I have found that this little tip will make the flow of glue work for at least a few months.

So here is what you can do.....

I put the lids {twisted open} in a cup with hot water.
Now do you notice that glue bottle in the background?

Here is the problem.... it says "School Glue" which means it is the "washable" and "no run" style glue. What this means is the glue will "no run" through the cap and onto the paper. Avoid this type and just get regular glue.

I have parents supply our glue and this is how "School Glue" and I continue to meet! {And yes, I do say "please don't get the School Glue" on my supply list.} However, I am thankful for all donations, don't get me wrong....hence, this sophisticated system I have made up.

Back to our glue rehabilitation..... Then I pour nail polish remover into the lid.

I let it soak like that for a few hours and ...voila!!!  They work again!

I hate throwing things away that can still be used. I really do try to recycle and reuse things. So I know some people may read this and think wow! Just buy new glue lady......that would be easier, but it is wasteful.

So as annoyed as this glue stoppage is I just thought I would share my slightly cumbersome way to fix it.

And here is some of our gluing from last week that I shared earlier on:
{And P.S. this little caterpillar glue fest is a freebie on my Facebook page...glue not included!}

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  1. Thanks for the tip!! I too have a love/hate relationship with glue...I'm a glue stick gal all the way! :)


  2. Have you ever tried using vaseline on the white tip part under the orange cap before you use the glue?

  3. Great idea. The School Glue is tough even for big kids to use!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. I soooo hate glue for this exact reason. I wait until September when I've got all the school supplies and then return this glue specifically for the kind I know I won't have a problem with! It's the best kind of regifting :)

  5. Oh creates such a "sticky" situation!! Glue sticks all the way. Although I think the kids in my class eat them as snacks because they disappear so fast.
    A Burst of First

  6. I use glue and scissors on a daily basis in my class. At this point it is slim pickins' on liquid glue and glue sticks!!!! Thanks for shaing this great trick!!!