April Currently

April Currently... even though it is technically currently March.

Hello spring....says the girl from California who had 80 degree days in January this year.

Even still, I am glad it is officially a new season. And I am glad to be linking up with Farley for this fun!


Okay so now that Bachelor is done... I'm searching for something new... and then guess what! The new season of 19 Kids and Counting is about to start.

Right now, I am just refreshing my memory with a little re-run action in the background.

But soon... we get the season of Jessa and her "courtship."

I am always intrigued by this family with so many kids and yet all of them are so polite and well mannered.

But even when based on a wholesome family, I always feel guilt after watching reality TV!


Elf products! Um, not the Christmas helper... the makeup line that stands for Eyes, Lips, Face. Have you heard of it?

I hadn't until last week when one of my friends who only uses Smashbox and fancy stuff like that told me she likes this brand that you can buy at Target or Walgreens....

I went crazy....
Each product costs $1, $2 or $3..... and the foundation was $6. And although it has only been a few days... I love this stuff.


I should clean now so that I can enjoy Spring Break when it arrives.

April 14-18 is when it comes and I don't want to feel like I should be cleaning. Plus I have a few fun little mini-trips planned and it is no fun to come home to a mess, right?


I want you to enter my giveaway!

Not to be pushy... but hey... who doesn't like to win things?

Two people will win my Pattern Block Math: Ocean Animals Edition... here's the best part... you'll get an e-copy AND a hard copy {in full color} mailed to you!

Yes, I like to use old fashioned "snail mail" still.

So go enter... CLICK HERE


I go in waves with exercise....which isn't good. And of course with Spring Break on its way I NEED to get my act together.

When you are running do you ever play a game with yourself? I do. So this is me running on the path yesterday {Sidenote: I like stopping for a quick picture because let's be honest... I want to catch my breath!}
I will say things like, "If I can run past 20 more sets of palm trees without stopping I get to have a Starbucks in the morning!" The list is long of stupid things I say to myself to get a move on.

I love when that Runkeeper lady tells me "Workout Complete!" That is much better than any of the things I bribe myself with!


First of all, I know... many of you people are going to be telling me about some day in May you finish... and I will be jealous.... and then I will let you be jealous in August.

And can we talk about June 17th being a Tuesday?? Weird! But hey, it is earlier than normal for us...so  I will take it!

Now pop on over to Oh Boy Fourth Grade to read some other fun posts!


  1. My last day is in the middle of the week too. Our calendar is always weird! I've never tried ELF products. I'm happy to hear they're good. Now I'll look into it! Love your pictures! So pretty. I hope you have a great spring break!

  2. Oh wow, I think I would actually run if I had a view like that too :)
    First Grade Dual

  3. I too am from California (central coast) and have enjoyed the great weather, but also still enjoy the change of seasons. My kids have spring break the same week as you and we get out June 13. Oh well. We all go for 180 days, right!? I have never heard of the Elf makeup line, but I think I will check it out!

    Teaching Momster

  4. Me too girl! I've been trying to run more as well & reward myself... I'm trying to do it on my non-gym days, but my view isn't as pretty as yours:( And ELF, LOVE too:) Have a great month!
    Love, Dianna
    Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching

  5. Ha! I thought your ELF products had to do with Christmas - I was so confused! I have never heard of them, but may need to try it out now. We get out on June 18th, so you do get out before us!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  6. I love stopping to take pictures during my runs too!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  7. I love E.L.F products! My sister introduced me to this great line last Christmas. I also play little games on my walks/jogs. Too funny! I thought I was the only one. Hope you have a wonderful spring break when it arrives. We had ours last week.